Netherlands Dedicated Server


When the traffic visiting your websites increases, you have to consider the option of a dedicated server hosting so that you are able to efficiently manage the flow. Simply put, the dedicated server provision allows you to enjoy the benefits of standalone servers without having to share the resources with hundreds of similar service seekers. The server is physically located in the premises of the service provider, but the client has all the methods and resources to be able to control the operations and manipulations of the server from the remote location.

Online businesses are expanding in the developing and developed nations of the world. The service of providing dedicated servers has picked up some real steam in the past few years. Netherlands has seen its share of the service boom as well. The country is home to several dedicated server providing companies because of this netherlands is the perfect place to be in if you happen to be the owner or administrator of a growing online business and wish to work with ample resources in terms of bandwidth, uptime, etc, something that only dedicated servers can provide.


Before you start scanning the market for the best service providers , it is really important to invest some time in deciding as to what exactly you need. This involves analyzing the resource needs such as storage, RAM, connection, the IPs given, and of course, the price charged for the service basket. The idea is that you would ideally want to purchase the best subscription of dedicated server hosting, sufficient enough to meet all your website's needs, and still reasonable enough to warrant continued use. The reasonable prices at which such plans and subscriptions are offered here make Netherlands servers all the more worthy of your investment. Selecting the server type from amongst single CPU and dual CPU is another important decision you have to make while deciding on the dedicated server scheme you have in place for your online businesses.

Dedicated plans in Netherlands come with a host of other great features apart from the sturdy hardware backing up. For instance, your websites are up and running within just a few hours of subscription. Then, the uptimes offered are 100% which means that there is never a chance of losing out on traffic because of the server being overloaded.

  • - EU100Tb provides affordable 100TB Dedicated Servers located in Netherlands and Germany. All servers comes with true 100Tb bandwidth on 1Gbit Dedicated Port and 24x7 support.
  • - CtrlServers is a dedicated web hosting site that offers you round the clock technical support and high bandwidth dedicated servers. Depend on CtrlServers to provide you custom fitting hosting solutions so that you can extract the best use out of your investment in their plans.
  • - Eu-dedicated is a specialising in providing budget Netherlands server and Netherlands 100Tb 24/7. Netherlands Dedicated Servers have been structured to serve a wide range of customer needs. EU-Dedicated provides wide range of servers.
  • - is a company specialising in European root dedicated servers. Our netherlands and germany servers offer you lowest ping all over europe. We also offer offshore servers with 24x7 support at no additional cost.
  • - provides high quality & reliable Offshore dedicated server and VPS hosting solutions in Germany and Netherlands for individuals and business. Our services includes Linux and Windows dedicated servers, 100mbit unmetered servers, 100tb and 1Gbit unmetered servers.
  • - PraHost offer you Netherlands server that will serve you with high class services and greater reliability. We offer you standard network facilities through our NL servers.
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